Terms & Condition - Cancellation policy

Payment, cancellation and reimbursement policies

The rates published on the website are only valid at the moment of making the quotation; they are guaranteed at the moment of receiving the corresponding payment. All reservations are subject to availability, and can not be guaranteed until full payment has been received.

A reservation is considered complete, when you are provided with a confirmation number and the corresponding charge has been applied. At the time of booking, you authorize the use of your credit card number to make the payment, and you expressly confirm that you know and accept our reservation, payment, disclaimer and cancellation policies. You need to print your reservation voucher and present it when you claim the services you have booked.

Payment policies

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Pay Pal as a form of payment. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, one of our Advisors will be contacted.

The amount corresponding to your reservation will be immediately charged to your credit card.

Rates shown in US dollars will be converted to Mexican pesos at the exchange rate in effect on the date of the transaction. This conversion may cause the amount that will appear on your credit card statement to show a variation of up to 5% below or above the international fluctuation of currency exchange rates. The Booking Stand is not responsible for this fluctuation and by accepting this policy you acknowledge having been informed about this fluctuation in the exchange rate and agreeing.

Cancellation policies Tours

Cancellations and refunds are made with a notice of cancellation 48 hours before the service and will have a charge of 10% of the total sale. It will not apply the reimbursement in notices with less than 24 hours before the activity or if the service was not used and / or the tour is lost due to not showing at the indicated time.